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About Our Fiscal Sponsorship

The application to attain tax-exempt status [501(c)3] according to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a thorough and time consuming process. SEED has made the deliberate decision to focus on our core goals of providing student scholarships while completing the application form and compiling the required information which often requires 1.5 to 3 years. During this period we have entered into a partnership with the First Baptist Church (FBC) of Syracuse, NY; they have agreed to act as our fiscal sponsor which allows our donors to receive a tax deduction for their donation. Since we share many of the same values and objectives, the FBC does NOT charge any administrative fee for this arrangement; 100% of all donations made in the SEED name are forwarded to us in support of our scholarship program.

The FBC, Syracuse has several ongoing missions in Africa and is a natural fit as a partner in SEED's programs. We wish to express our gratitude to the FBC, Syracuse for this partnership and urge our potential donors to visit their website to learn more of their ongoing African projects. Please feel free to contact both organizations with any questions or comments.

Self Empowerment through Education

First Baptist Church of Syracuse