Helping Education Take Root

About SEED

SEED is a volunteer-based and volunteer-operated organization that provides young people from rural Zambian communities with limited resources the opportunity to obtain teacher certification. SEED established the Joseph B. Mulenga Memorial Scholarship, which sponsors selected students to attend the Malcolm Moffat College of Education, a 2-year college in Serenje, Zambia. Each year, SEED provides four (4) full-ride scholarships to attend MMCE. The students who receive this scholarship have shown exceptional potential but lack educational opportunity due to their family's limited financial resources.

Mission and Goals

The mission of SEED is to address the need for qualified teachers by providing educational opportunities to exceptional students from rural communities in Zambia who lack the financial resources to attend teacher-training college. SEED is guided by the belief that education is the key to empowerment of both the individual and a community.

Many young men and women from rural areas in Zambia lack access to post secondary education due to limited resources. We provide opportunities to young people in rural Zambian communities with increased access to teacher certification.

During each school year, we sponsor four (4) students to attend Malcolm Moffat College of Education (MMCE) in Serenje, Zambia. The MMCE prepares students for a career in teaching during a two year program resulting in a Zambian Teacher's Education Course (ZATEC) certificate. Graduates from the college are posted throughout the country and begin their careers in educating Zambia's youth.

SEED Quick Facts
  • Provides 'full ride' scholarships to teacher training college for four students each year
  • Completely volunteer run organization
  • tax exempt donations
How to Contact Us

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