Helping Education Take Root

Our Supporters

Special thanks to the following contributing organizations

Special thanks to the following individuals, families and friends of SEED

  • C. Unseld, Denver
  • V. Unseld, Black Hawk
  • Alade Family, Mashpee
  • M. Palmer, Mashpee
  • Perry Family, Monument Beach
  • Shepherd Family, Falmouth
  New Hampshire  
  • Morgan Family, Hooksett
  New York  
  • Lianne & Esteban, New York
  • Hiltz Family, Norwich
  • Kavanagh Family, Manlius
  • C. Labelle, Syracuse
  • L. Lopez, Jamesville
  • A. Makul, Syracuse
  • A. Miller, Brooklyn
  • J. Oplinger, Syracuse
  • A. Tarbet, Syracuse
  • Cahill Family, Springfield
  • Chilton Family, Quakertown
  • M. Connor, Media
  • R&S Fletcher, State College
  • A. Taylor, Port Matilda
  • T&T Irvin, State College
  • B&L King, McKeesport
  • E&S King, Trafford
  • K. King, McKeesport
  • S. King, McKeesport
  • King Family, McKeesport
  • B. Moldovan, McKeesport
  • B&E Moldovan, Carnegie
  North Carolina  
  • L. Levy, Raleigh
  • C&S McFarland, Lawrenceburg
  South Carolina  
  • Carter Family, Simpsonville
  • J. Carter, Simpsonville
  • K. Teer, Greer
  International Supporters  
  • Cornelie, Amsterdam, NL
  • C. Garbolini & Harm, Delft, NL
We also wish to extend gratitude to our numerous anonymous donors.