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Joseph B. Mulenga Scholarship

The Joseph B. Mulenga Scholarship is awarded to two students each year who have exceptional secondary school records, an enthusiastic and genuine desire to enter into a career in teaching, and whose family does not have the means to pay for enrollment into the Malcolm Moffat College of Education (MMCE).  Read more about the Joseph B. Mulenga Scholarship

Malcolm Moffat College of Education (MMCE)

The Malcolm Moffat College of Education is the school which the scholarship receipients attend. It is located outside the Serenje town center and is operated by the Zambia Christian Council of Churches.  Read more about the Malcolm Moffat College of Education

Scholarship Selection Process

Since we cannot make selections for the College, our own selection process coincides with theirs. The announcement of our scholarship opportunity targets all of the local secondary schools and we encourage all eligible students to apply, free of charge.  Read more about the selection process and download application documents

Scholarship Recipients

The first scholarship winners were selected for the start of the 2008 school year, two additional students matriculate into the program during each consecutive year.  Read profiles and see photos of the scholarship recipients

Community Service Projects

Involvement in the community, taking the initiative to improve it, and having a genuine desire to share knowledge are fundamental to community development and are also key traits of an effective teacher. Read more about student community service projects

SEED Quick Facts
  • Provides 'full ride' scholarships to teacher training college for four students each year
  • Completely volunteer run organization
  • tax exempt donations