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Community Service Projects

Involvement in the community, taking the initiative to improve it, and having a genuine desire to share knowledge are fundamental to community development and are also key traits of an effective teacher.  The Joseph B. Mulenga Memorial Teaching Scholarship provides educational opportunities to aspiring teachers, a condition of which requires students to organize, implement and assess community service activities. 

Development of a community service project enhances the skills and knowledge required by an effective teacher: organization, cooperation, compromise, initiative, budgeting, community involvement and self-assessment.  Our scholarship awardees work in pairs to identify a need in the community, brainstorm ways of addressing the problem and then create an activity plan to implement their idea throughout their time in teacher training college.  All activities must occur during term breaks so they do not interfere with their coursework; projects must include groups of school age children in the community and must have an educational component.  During and after each activity, students and SEED Scholarship Committee members assess the activityís strengths and where the plan shows room for improvement, so that each subsequent activity builds on the previous one.

SEEDís community service requirement began in 2008 with our first scholarship selections.  Listed below are the project proposals and summaries submitted by the students we support:

Project Summaries


2008 - A Report on Teaching Children During the School Holidays


2009 - Mitigating HIV/AIDS Through Sports


2009 - HIV/AIDS Open Talk


2010 - The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Zambian Family


2011 - Gender and Equity


2012 - Letís Educate Children About Their Rights and Reduce Child Labour Among School Youths Through Teachers


2013 - Transport and Communication


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