Helping Education Take Root

Scholarship Recipients

The Jospeh B. Mulenga Memorial Teaching Scholarship Program was initiated in 2007 in preparation for the first term (January) of the 2008 school year. Each year, two students are selected and awarded 'full-ride' scholarships to teacher training college in Zambia, Africa. Listed below is a personal summary written by each of the scholarship awardees and the year they began their studies to become a teacher.

Began coursework in January 2017

picture of Elisha Kunda

Elisha Kunda


My full names are Kunda Elisha. I live in Serenje District, Zambia compound near Handbar Kapotwe Primary School. I have been raised by my single parent (mother) who just survives on small business for feeding only.  I started school in 2003 at Handbar Kapotwe Community School. In 2009 I went to Kamwala Primary School were I did my junior education   Finally in 2012 to 2014, I was at Ibolelo Secondary School, were I completed my secondary education, all the above schools are right in Serenje district. In addition, in 2016 I attended voter education facilitation training for a week and after that I was deployed in Masaningu ward under Chibale constituency, where I wanted to educate community members in the important of voting and on the good part of referendum.

My motive to become a teacher is to facilitate and guide learners during the learning process, act as a role model and help in changing the mindset of students and the community members. Furthermore, my long term career is to become better in teaching mathematics at any university in the world. Therefore my educational goal is to get a PhD in mathematics. Lastly, due to lack of opportunities, I have never done any volunteer service in my community but am very willing to assist in any way, if possibly given a chance.

picture of Justin Mulenga

Justin Mulenga


My name is Justin Mulenga. I was born on 1st January 1991 in Ndola Town. I grew up with both parents Mr. and Mrs. Mulenga. When I was six we shifted from Ndola and came to Serenje and that’s where I started grade one of school in 1997. I started school at Kamwala Primary School in 1998 to 2004 and then I went to Serenje Boma Basic School in 2005 to 2006 and finally I did my Secondary School at Serenje Technical Secondary School from 2004 to 2009.

During my school life or school experience I encountered a lot of difficulties because both my parents where not working. My father used to help at church as a preacher at which he earned a little to support in terms of school things, with my mother she was just a house wife so concerning financial support to me with school was challenge to her, but with her encouraging words I thank God I managed to complete school. When I competed school it became very difficult for me to go to college. Now last year having faith in God I applied to Malcolm Moffat Teachers Training College of which I was selected to be trained as a teacher in English and Braille. The day I went to see the selected names at the college that’s the day I saw the scholarship advert from SEED. I took this chance and opportunity to apply for scholarship and by Gods grace and favor I was selected to be sponsored by SEED.

Indeed may God bless my sponsors because right now am in school, everything has been done in a manner that I never expected. My prayer and desire is not to disappoint my sponsors and my family including everyone around me. I also pray that one day I may be able as well to help those that are really in need.

Began coursework in January 2016

picture of Sunny Chisha

Sunny Chisha


First and foremost I would like to introduce myself in terms of the family. Iím a second born of five and I was born in 1995 in Mporokoso district of Northern Province, Zambia.

I started school in 2002, at Kanyimbo Basic School in Mporokoso district. I wrote my grade seven examination in 2005 of the same school Kanyimbo Basic. In the same year 2005 we moved from Mporokoso district to Serenje district of Central province, Zambia. In 2009 I was selected to go in grade 8, I did my basic school from 2009-2010 at Serenje Boma Basic School.

Furthermore in 2010 I left for my grade 9 exams, I did well and I was picked to go in grade 10 in the year 2011. My secondary education became difficult due to the fact that my biological father died in 2003 while my mother was just doing a small business of selling pop cans. She did not have enough money for school, food and other expenses. For this reason my uncle took full responsibility of me

In 2013 I left for my famous secondary examination of Mporokoso Secondary School in Mporokoso District. Suddenly my uncle died. My life became more complicated. I was left hopeless, with no financial support at all.

Finally I would like to conclude my statement by giving thanks to SEED for introducing this scholarship to this country. Indeed it would have been impossible for me to do study for a teachers primary diploma without this help. I really appreciate you very much, may the good God bless you. Thank you.

picture of Felisters Kanta

Felisters Kanta


I Felisters Kanta, was born on 30.03.1992. Iím 23 years of age. My mother was Rondah Kabwe who was just a small farmer and my father was Mr. Kanta who was a fisherman. We used to live in Mukupa Village of Samfya District Luapula Province. We moved to Serenje District to look for a different settlement.

I started grade one in 1999 at Kankaso primary school in Serenje. Unfortunately my father died when I reached grade three in 2001. My mother was left with seven children, two males and five females. We were sustaining our living through farming and a little business. I qualified to grade eight in 2006 at Serenje Boma Secondary School. My mother strived very hard until in grade nine, when I wrote my grade nine exam. I qualified to grade ten in 2008 at Ibolelo Secondary School in Serenje.

From there my mother started suffering from a long illness. It became difficult for me to continue my education but nevertheless I endured. In grade 12 term one my mother passed away on 27-01-2010. I continue farming with one of my sisters. I finished grade 12 in 2010, although I did not do well in three subjects, I managed to rewrite those subject and I obtain some good results.

Looking for sponsorship I applied to the Joseph B. Mulenga Memorial Teaching Scholarship and God has blessed, Iím adopted.

I would like to appreciate SEED for the scholarship. Iím very thankful to have this great joy for you, SEED, to start supporting me at the college level.

Began coursework in January 2014

picture of Mainess Lungu

Mainess Lungu


My name is Mainess Lungu. I was born in 1992, 29th December. I was born in a family of two and am the first born. My young brother died when he was one year old and now am the only child.

I am a double orphan. My father died when I was 7 years old in 2000. One year later, my mother passed on too in 2001. My grand parents took over the responsibilities of taking care of me in the village, in Lundazi District Eastern province.

I started my grade one in 1999 at a school called Mwimba primary school in Lundazi District. In 2005, I wrote my grade seven final examination. In 2006 I qualified to go in grade eight at a school called Katete girls secondary, but because of financial problems I went to Chikomeni basic school. I managed to go to this school with the help of well wishers one of them who is a lady a teacher by profession. It was a weekly boarding which was not easy to manage because it required all kitchen requirements. During my course at junior secondary, I was chosen as a house prefect. In 2007 I wrote my grade nine final exam.

In 2008, I qualified to go in grade ten at a school called Umezi high school. In term one, I was helped by well wishers again then in term two one Faweza started praying for me until grade twelve 2010.

In 2011 March, I got my grade twelve final results. I tried my best, managed to get seventeen points in six best subjects and twelve points in five best subjects. During this period, was still in the village with my grand parents. In August 2011, my grandfather passed on and I started taking care of my grand mother who was attacked by stroke in November. Later she died in 2012 December.

In 2013 January, my cousin here in Serenje called me to stay with her. In August I attended interviews at Malcolm Moffat college of education. I was selected to persue a diploma, but had no sponsorship. When I saw the advertisement for sponsorship at Mapontela, I went there and was given the application form to apply.

In January I attended interviews and was on of the luck person selected. I felt very happy and it took time for me to believe this great opportunity. The name of being vulnerable is now the story of the past. I really thank God and the Self Empowerment through Education (SEED) team for the good job they are doing. May the almight God continue blessing and guiding you all.

Finally, the ball is in my hands to work extra hard and achieve my goals so as to come and help my fellow vulnerables and the community at large. I now believe what they say "there's hope beyond the grave!!" I am blessed!!!!

picture of Tussah Sichone

Tussah Sichone


My full name is Tussah Sichone, born in Ndola on 15th March, 1993 from Lewis Sichone and Anna Nkhuwa in the family of five boys only, of which I am the last born. We are all born from the same mother but different father of which the four are Bemba by tribe and me Namwanga.

My family was separated upon the death of our mother, my brothers were taken by their father and I was left to my mother's family. It was this family that raised me, from the time mother died to 5 years I was brought up by my Aunt, my mother's younger sister who later died in 1998. This time my uncle the second born in my mother's family took me.

He has the passion, the love to take care of people; this made him to look after many at his home with those with parents and orphans who he refers to as my 'children.' The only challenge he faces is that is financial weak. This made him to fail taking me to school while under his roof, hence I continued staying at his home even though it was the right time for me to start school. Therefore I delayed in starting my education.

My grandmother who was staying in a certain village along Ndola-Kapiri road, took me in the year 2000 to leave with her, she fought hard for me to start school. In 2001, I started school in this same village while staying with her. This time I was eight years old. I stayed with her for three years, in late 2002 my uncle from Serenje took me to live with him and I started school at Serenje Boma Basic in 2003 in grade 3, it was in this same year that my grandmother died. I wrote my grade 7 at the same school which I passed and proceeded to grade 8 at the Boma Basic School, where I wrote my grade 9 and passed to grade 10 at Serenje Boys Technical School, where I did my secondary school and completed there in 2012. I've never repeated school since I started.

In the year 2013, I attended interviews at Malcolm Moffat College of education, though I had misunderstandings with my uncle. I was considered at Malcolm, now due to the misunderstandings we had, it led me to leave home and started leaving by my own in Zambia compound - Serenje. My uncle denied to take me to College, this was almost the miss of my career. But God made it possible for me through SEED and now I am at College doing Primary Teachers Diploma.

I really appreciate SEED for the work being done towards improving my life. May God continue Blessing SEED to prosper and help others who are vulnerable.


Began coursework in January 2013

picture of Priscah Chibale

Priscah Chibale


Teaching has always been my career since my childhood. This is because most of the people I meet in various places are literate. I come to recognize that their parent did not put good emphasis on them about the importance of education as a concerned person I want to do whatever possible to reduce illiteracy which is a root cause of poverty.

I want to empower knowledge in children help them build a good foundation for this generation so that they can grow up with good focuses on their future. They are the future leaders who need a lot of encouragement and motivations.

I wish my parent were educated. I wouldn't have gone through the challenges I encountered during my primary to senior secondary studies. Teachers are always education basis without them their would be no leaders in the country. As a teacher I would always have measure to eliminate illiteracy and poverty.

Hence my teaching skills would be society reliable.

  picture of Nancy Kunda

Nancy Kunda


If I were given opportunity to become a teacher. I would have some impact on students and the community. Firstly, I would teach the levels literacy skills that would enable them to know the skills of reading and numeracy which are important in the survival of any community. The enlightenment that the students would get from me as a teacher would result in a positive peoples mind set in a particular community. For instance, the ideas of HIV/AIDS taught to students can later on be transferred to the community by the students.

My reasons to become a teacher are very much inclined to the ambition that I have had for a long time as I would like to teach learners in a qualitable manner so that they also become independent rather than being dependent. My goals has always been focused on doing great things for the future generation.


Began coursework in January 2012

picture of Bob Masapula

Bob Masapula


I am Bob Masapula born in 1989 in Serenje district. In my family we are seven (7) and I am number five.

I started school in 1998 at Chintankwa Basic School, then I completed my primary course in 2005. In 2006 I was selected to grade 8 at Boma Basic School. From that 2006 my parents separated and my school life started to be difficult. My father left me with my mother.

In 2007 I wrote the grade nine exams. In 2008 I was selected to grade 10 at Serenje Boys. By that time my mother had no means to send me to school because the fees were very high. For being a person who is commited to school I went to an organization called social welfare asking for sponsorship and they helped from grade 10 to 12. In my family of seven children, five girls and two boys I am the only one who has reached grade 12 and has a potential to go further with my studies. In 2011 I applied for teaching at Malcolm Moffat Collage of Education and they accepted me with the reason I decided to attend the interview at Mopontela for scholarship and they have accepted me. As at now I stay with the same mother but she is chronically ill.

Lastly I would like to thank you the Joseph Mulenga Memorial teaching scholarship for offering me a scholarship to the collage. I say may the God bless you all for what you have done in my life time.

picture of Babra Chibale

Babra Chibale


My name is Babra Hatson Chibale. I was born on 10th July 1988 at Chekoko's Village in Chief Chibale area Serenje District. I come from a family of six of which three are male and three are female but one of them passed away. My father died in 2006 and after one year my mother also passed away leaving my young brother and sisters in my custody because I was the eldest replacing my late elder sister. Since the death of my parents, I have been keeping my elder sister's children. The eldest sister is 21 years with the other one has completed school, the one is 19 years doing his grade 11, my young sister is 17 years doing grade nine (9) and is doing his grade seven. I am also keeping my 3 late cousin's children who are also still at school.

I did both my primary and sinior secondary education at Chibale basic school from 1995 to 2003 and my senior secondary education at Iboleto high school from 2004 to 2006.

After completing my secondary school education, I worked as a pre-school teacher at Malisita Community School 2007. Thereafter, I worked as a fuel attendant at Serenje Gas pad from 2008 to 2010. It was while I was working at Serenje Gas pad when I undertook a short course in computers at Serenje Business Centre. From 2010 up to date, I have been doing a small business of selling vegetables for the upkeep of my young sisters, brothers and others whom I'm keeping.

In August 2011, I attended interviews for the Zambia Teacher Education Course (ZATEC) and I was accepted for a 2 years primary teaching course at Malcom Moffat College of Education. I also attended scholarship interviews with Self Empowerment through Education (SEED) in December 2011. I was granted a scholarship of studying 2 years primary teaching course at Malcom Moffat College of Education.

Im very grateful to SEED scholarship for granting me an opportunity of sponsoring my two years course. I'm looking forward to study my 2 years course in primary teaching in 2012 to 2013.


Began coursework in January 2011

Moses Bwalya

Moses Bwalya


I am Bwalya Moses a Zambian citizen aged 23 years. I was born in Kitwe Central Hospital. I am a Lala by tribe and my father was a Lala, my mother was a Bemba from Northern Province. I am a first born in the family of six.

I started my grade one at Bulangililo primary school. The person who was paying for me was my mom and my grandmother from my mother's side. They use to get money from the market where they use to sell vegetables and kapenta. I use to contribute as well to look for things like pencils, books and socks, as I was selling ice blocks, after classes. My mother died when I was in grade four. As from the period when my mother died I started facing financial problems, by then my father was not working. But due to the hard work of my grandparents I completed my primary course in the year 2001 and I passed the exams with flying colours to go into grade eight (8) and Mitanto high school in Kitwe.

Upon starting my Junior Secondary Course my male parent died when I was in grade nine (9). After the male parent died the sponsorship started coming from my grandparents from my fathers side, by then my grandparents in Serenje use to plant the maize and upon harvesting they use to sell and the little money they use to give me for my school, even myself did not just depend on my grandparents, I use to look for jobs or rather piece work for my education. Even my uncle, his is late use to assist me.

I passed my grade nine examinations with flying colours and I was selected at the same school to do my senior secondary course, in the year 2004. In the year 2005 I was selected at my school as the Junior Engineers and Technicians Scientists (JETS) Chairperson. I held this position because I was very active in the development of mathematics and science at school. I was the one in charge of organizing the quiz programs and the projects involved in science. In the 2006 I was awarded a JETS certificate, after our school came out third in position at the JETS fairs, and this was the first time for this school to win.

I completed my grade twelve in 2006 with positions, JETS Chairperson and School Preventive Maintenance Prefect. Upon completing my secondary course, I started working as a transport officer. The aim at the job was to raise the money for the college but unfortunately it did not work out.

I started teaching at a community school in Serenje known as Handbar Kapotwe Community School. I taught at this school on voluntary basis, because I have the passion to help vulnerable in the community. As for this school most of the children who are there are orphans. Handbar Kapotwe Community School started as a small school, but this time the number of pupils has increased, for the desire of me to become a teacher I did my best to assist the pupils at this school and I have the passion to help other people voluntarily. In charge of culture and sports activities as to enable pupils have the required importance of these activities.

I started my ever desirable course at Malcolm Moffatt College of Education through the help from the SEED organization early this year. I appreciate the SEED for helping me to achieve my career at becoming a teacher. I shall endeavor to work with the SEED organization at college. I am having a position of a class representative. I understand it is through the help from God to achieve this goal.

Chibuye Godwin

Chibuye Godwin


My name is Chibuye Godwin. I was born on 24th August, 1986. I was born at Blackson Mulilima's village in Chief Chibale's area, Serenje District, Zambia. I am the first born in the family of five. Both parents were Lala's tribe. I am a male Zambian citizen aged 25 and unmarried.

Being the first born and an orphan in a family I have been facing a lot of challenges. Since ever my father died, I started helping Mom to raise money for food and school. Now it was hard for me to survive, because a lot of home chores was done by me. By this I mean I had little time to study. Hence my performance was affected. I started my formal education in 1994 at Nchimishi Basic School. I did my primary education for seven years by then dad was still living.

When I started my secondary education my father died. During that time life became very hard for me because I had no one to look after me. Schooling become almost impossible and I decided to stop. Luck enough the head teacher brought in the issue to the community. They agreed upon the ways and means of helping me. They called me and they told me to say we will be assisting you. In grades 8 and 9 of my performance was so good such that they become interested to continue paying.

In 2006 I was selected to proceed to senior secondary school. The head teacher had to write the recommendation letter to the district social welfare. They picked me for sponsorship and I completed school. While at school I did a lot of activities such as anti-aids, astronomy and voluntary counseling and testing. When I completed I participated in community activities in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic. I also participated in community sensitization in eradicating poverty and hunger in the community.

In 2008 I was recommended to start teaching at a community school. The name of this school is Handbar Kapotwe Community School. This school is the school for vulnerable children. I felt comfortable to be at that school because all what I wanted is to assist them. The infrastructure and allowances are poor but still more I used to teach. This school accommodates about 700 pupils against 10 untrained teachers. This was also a challenge to me because I never used to achieve the objectives.

At the same school I took a lot of responsibilities such as production unit and sports. I attended work shops concerning how the teaching system can be improved in community schools.

Ever since SEED picked me to go to college I have been taking part in so many activities. At the moment I am taking part in HIV/AIDS related issues. In the first term of my course I was choosen as the classroom representative. In the second term I was choosen as the hostel leader to one of the hostels in college.


Began coursework in January 2010

Wamalole Moono

Wamalole Moono


My name is Wamalole Moono, born on 4th August 1991 in Nalukota Village in Shangombo District in Western Province. I'm the last born in the family of four (4) boys and one girl.

I am a double orphan, my mother died when I was a baby and I was taken by my grandmother who raised me because no one would actually volunteer to take care of me. My dad passed on when I was in grade eight.

I did my primary education at Ngundu Basic School in Serenje District while staying with my grandmother. This is so because Dad's second wife wouldn't allow me and my brothers to stay with them because she was cruel to us. Nevertheless, my father kept sponsoring and giving us the school requirements from 1997-2003. In the same year, December 2003, my grandmother died and I was transferred to Sloma Basic School where I did my eighth grade with sponsorship from Dad. Unfortunately, a few months later he too passed away from a heart attack so was left in darkness without knowing where to go.

It was from this time that I started experiencing a lot of problems, especially with my education. My step mother and Dad's relatives took away all of my Dad's property and I was left with nothing and no one to sponsor me. Therefore, I had to stop school for awhile in order to ask for money from relatives, but they could not give me any money as they only had money for their school going children. I personally began doing piece work with the help of my brothers in order to raise money for my school fees.

Upon hearing what I was going through, my uncle felt pity and called me to Kasoma where he was teaching. I responded positively to his call since I had no specific home at that time, instead I was moving from one place to another seeking sponsorship. In Kasoma I completed my third term of grade eight at Kasoma Secondary School, the following year I completed grade 9 examinations and was selected to continue on thru grade 12.

Teaching is a career which I have liked since childhood. I realized that teachers are some of the most important people in the world because they are the source of knowledge and without them we cannot have doctors, nurses or scientists to name a few.

In other words I may simply say that teaching is a career which aims at producing competent and resourceful students both in the school and community at large. I view teaching as a profession which can bring about change throughout the country. My plans and goals are to offer my services accordingly so as to improve the standard of living for both school going children and the community as a whole, especially in rural areas. Also, I wish to impart responsibility in the community to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and help in the fight against poverty.

Due to the aforementioned problems, I failed to provide any volunteer services while in school. My plan is to advance in teaching or my career to help create more chances for assisting the community, especially the poor, and uplift their standard of living.

Bright Sinyinza

Bright Sinyinza


My name is Bright Sinyinza and was born in 1990 in Chalilo Village in Serenje District, in the Central part of Zambia. I consider my home to be Chalilo Village, which is where my mother was staying when she was still alive. I started my primary education at Chalilo Primary School in 1997, after learning there for 2 years I was transferred to Kamwala Basic School in Serenje BOMA.

When I was in grade 3 my father died and I was left with my mother alone. From that time my mother did not try to find another man because of the love she had for my father. I continued school in the same village where I completed grade seven and managed to pass examinations to grade eight, but there was no money since my mother was a single lady who tried hard to find the money for my school and luckily the amount was not too big. After I started grade 8 at Misumba Basic School, which is located along the Mansa road just about 75 km from Serenje BOMA, I passed the grade 9 examinations and came to Ibolelo High School in Serenje. My mother died in Chalilo and it was a very bad moment in my life, luckily while at Ibolelo I was sponsored by a Social Worker and was kept by one of my relatives who lives in Zambia Compound and has a small business in Serenje. While I was at school, I was a member of the mathematics club. In grade 11 I was chosen as a class monitor and then in grade 12 I was chosen as a librarian prefect.

My main motivation for pursing teaching as my career is my concern for the education standard in most rural areas of Zambia, where children have difficulty with reading and writing skills. I will really enjoy teaching as a career and have hoped to become one my entire life because teacher contributes a lot to the development of the community and nation. When I was at school I worked as a peer educator, there I found motivation to teach people on the dangers of HIV because I know that AIDS is a deadly disease and people need to know of the dangers.

In conclusion I just want to say I appreciate you people and God for the great thing you are doing in my life to brighten my future. I am promising that I will not disappoint you, may God bless you forever.


Began coursework in January 2009

Thomas Mulenga

Thomas Mulenga


My name is Mulenga Thomas, I was born on 26th December 1988 in Copperbelt Province specifically Chingola.

My father was working as a miner in one of the mines in Chingola, but unfortunately in 1995 there was a mine blast which killed two people (miners) and my father was a victim.  My fatherís death was a misery to my life, imagine at the age of 7 being a single orphan.  I am the first born in the family of three, 2 boys and a girl.

After Daddyís death, in 1996 we came to Serenje with my mother and my young brother and sister.  Fortunately Mum secured a job a Malcolm Moffat Teacherís Training College as a guest waiter.  In the same, I started grade one at Miselo Kapika Primary School, my mother raised be from 1995 to 2008.

At Miselo Kapika I wrote my grade seven exams in order to go on to grade eight, I then went to Serenje BOMA School and it is here that I wrote my exams for grade 9 and got good marks to continue to grade 10.  I went to Mwense High School for my secondary education and there completed my exams to qualify for college.

My motivation and reasons for being a teacher are many but most importantly I admire this job.  I want to encourage and inspire others through teaching.  Not only this, but also through teaching I want to teach good morals and improve the standard of living in the community.  Finally, I will not just remain as a primary school teacher.  In my life I want to become a lecturer or receive a post in the Ministry of Education in Zambia.  So, undergoing primary teacher education is just a stepping stone to where I will be advancing in the future.  In short, I would like to reduce the percentage of illiterates in Zambia.

I usually offer volunteer service in my community, one example is when there is a funeral.  Myself and other youths collect firewood for the funeral and during the burial ceremony for the deceased we dig the grave at the cemetery.  We also maintain the roads in the community and I am happy to say that people are proud of me.

Rhodrick Mwansa

Rhodrick Mwansa


I am Rodrick Mwansa a 21 year old gentleman having been brought up in the Serenje rural area since birth.  My homeland is Chintankwa area within the area of Chief Chibale, a place which is in the eastern part of Serenje BOMA and thirty-two kilometres from the BOMA itself.

Furthermore, my parents were the ones who were responsible form my growth since my childhood until they both passed at spot during a road accident.  This sad story occurred when I was studying my grade eight.  While struggling to find someone to assist me educational wise, a certain charitable organization started assisting me with several school requirements.  I started my grade one in 1996 at Chintankwa Primary School just in my homeland.  I completed my primary education in 2002 and went to Serenje BOMA Basic School for my junior secondary course which was from 2003-2004.  When I qualified to go to grade ten at Serenje Technical High School, I failed to manage to go there because of poverty.  Instead, I went to Ibolelo High School where I was able to receive a scholarship.

In addition, I worked as a Volunteer Peer Educator under a certain Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which operates within Central Province and works in collaboration with the Zambia Ministry of Education.  Its goal is to ensure that young people change their behaviour and become role models as most young people worldwide are the most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.  Therefore, I was placed in Kabwe at a high school to conduct Sexual Reproductive Health lessons.  Just as normal lessons are done in schools with the specified duration of 40 minutes per class, per week from grades 5-12.  The audience which I used to handle each week was a group of 250-300 students. 

Due to this experience I was motivated to pursue a career in teaching because I am already equipped with what is involved in it and almost all that is required to become a better teacher.  The other reason is that teachers are not lazy at all, therefore, I Rodrick being a hard working gentleman, need to assist the rural schools which are shunned by most teachers when they are posted to work from there.

Finally, I have got a long term career goal of looking forward to come and find myself a person having a Masterís Degree in Education.  Since I am starting with a Primary School Certificate immediately when I will be deployed, I wonít hesitate to start the degree program; at that time I will be able to sponsor myself.  On the other hand, I would also really like to offer my services abroad, actually this is my priority in life regardless of any circumstances that will come beyond my career.


Began coursework in January 2008

Elliot Chipila

Elliot Chipila


My name is Elliot Chipila, I was born on 23rd November 1981.  I am the second born in the family of eight; I was born to Mr. Aston and Rosemary Chipila respectively.

I grew up in Mulilima village, 32 km south of Serenje BOMA in the central part of Zambia.  As a child I have been raised up by my parents, I started school at Mulilima Primary School in 1992.  In grade four I was transferred to Lupinga Basic School where I completed my grade seven.  I was accepted into grade eight at Mkushi Secondary School where I completed my grades eight and nine.

I completed my senior year of secondary school at Serenje High School in 2004 and I am currently enrolled in a teaching program at Malcolm Moffat College of Education.  I have been motivated to pursue a career in teaching because education is the foundation to every success.  So, I have been encouraged into a teaching career so that I can provide basic education to young children.

My long term career and educational goals are that I want to pursue a degree in education if time and resources allow.  Previously I have participated I community service activities.  I have helped in the moulding of bricks for the school (Mulilima Basic School).  I have also participated in the construction of roads and bridges in my community.

Brian Tembo

Brian Tembo


I was born in 1983 in Luapula Province at the Mwansa General Hospital.  My home town is Kabwe where I was raised by my parents since childhood.

I started my primary education in 1989 in Kabwe at Munyama Middle Basic School.  I wrote my grade seven composite examination in 1995 at the very same school.  In 1996 I was selected to grade eight at Mukobeko High School, however, I could not start due to a lack of financial support because my mother was not working and my father had passed away; then in 2000 my mother passed away as well.  Nevertheless, in 2002 I started grade eight at Nkwashi Upper Basic School in Kabwe.  In the same year I left Kabwe for Serenje where I continued with my education at Serenje BOMA Basic School.  In 2004 I was selected to grade ten at Serenje Boys Technical High School and I wrote my ĎOí level exams in 2006 where I managed to attain Division 1. To this point, I donít have any post-secondary school education or experience relating to education.

I was motivated by my Grandfather who was the Principal at Mufulira Teacherís Training College.  During my childhood what came up into my mind was to become a teacher.  I want to render my services unto others; although a teacher is not always highly regarded, he or she is the backbone in oneís life of education.  I was taught to become what I am today so I should also become a teacher.  The other reason that I am proud of my career is because a teacher teaches everyone, such as those who become professionals in their field.  I do not think of changing careers, what I want is to remain in this field but of high value to the community and nation as a whole.  I want to eventually have a PhD in education and work at the national or provincial level.

In terms of volunteer service, I have worked with DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) as a washer and as the Secretary of Twapenga Youth Cooperative.

SEED Quick Facts
  • Provides 'full ride' scholarships to teacher training college for four students each year
  • Completely volunteer run organization
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