Helping Education Take Root

Scholarship Selection Process

Members of the SEED Board of Trustees have donated much of their time to the development of our scholarship selection process. We first identified a group of dedicated individuals in the Serenje community who are willing to serve on our Scholarship Committee. These individuals represent different sectors within Serenje and ensure that a variety perspectives are considered when selecting our scholarship recipients. For a complete description of our Scholarship Committee, please use the link below.

Similar to the scholarship award process in the USA, SEED cannot make student acceptance selections for the teacher training college; our own selection process must coincide with theirs. The announcement of our scholarship opportunity targets the local secondary schools and we encourage all eligible students to apply, free of charge. All applications received by the due date are carefully considered and scored via our rigorous scoring rubric. The applicants with the highest scores are invited for interview and a final ordered list of our selectees is assembled.

As the college makes their selections and invitations, they require payment for tuition and expenses. At this point, SEED's scholarship selectee list is compared to that of the college and we then intervene financially, on behalf of the scholarship winners.

SEED Quick Facts
  • Provides 'full ride' scholarships to teacher training college for four students each year
  • Completely volunteer run organization
  • tax exempt donations